Twenty Things

Well, hello!

I’ve been having a niggling feeling in the back of my mind for a while that I wanted to get back in to the blogging game and I decided rather than just thinking about it, I should just do. 

So, here I am, back to blogging, with a fresh new start. As a little introduction, I thought I’d start off with a “twenty things about me” post to get me started.

Here goes!

    1. My name is Adele, middle name, Chelsea.
    2. I live in my own little house with my husband-to-be, Ben.
    3. We’re currently trying, and not doing so well, to plan our wedding.
    4. I get wanderlust, a lot. I love travelling and discovering new cultures, new places, new food and creating memories.
    5. I’m an enthusiastic yogi. The more I practise yoga, the more I fall in love with it and what it stands for.
    6. I have a fairly deep seeded obsession with Harry Potter. The love affair started when I was ten…
    7. I’m turning thirty this year and honestly, that scares me slightly.
    8. I enjoy reading. Delving in to someone else’s world and creating your own vision of what they have written gives me great pleasure.
    9. I’m writing my own series of books.
    10. But I’m petrified of letting anyone else read them!
    11. Books and bookshelves give me joy.
    12. I’m incredibly impatient and quite haphazard in my approach to most things in life, but most things I try work out in the end.
    13. I’m a Leo and was born in the Chinese year of the Dragon.
    14. I like to think the above reflects my personality somewhat.
    15. My family are very important to me.
    16. As are my circle of friends.
    17. Listening to people speak about their passions with the utmost fervour fuels my fire for my own passions.
    18. Estoy aprendiendo Español. (I am learning Spanish.)
    19. I’m a bit of an IT nerd. It’s the day job.
    20. I have a penchant for lanterns, plants, great branding and clocks.

I hope this gives a little bit of an insight to me and potentially the things I will be blogging about.

I’d love for you to come and say hello on my Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!


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